US Total Energy Fuel 11

Who said we have an energy shortage? The following fast reactor characteristics are meaningful as our future energy supplier: Proven- Operation of FFTF (Fast Flux Test Facility) successfully for over 10 years, operation of EBR-II (Expermental Breeder Reactor – II) successfully for over 30 years, SouthEast Fast Oxide Reactor ) SEFOR) operation and successful proof of the fast reactor safety Coefficient, and the development operations and design of CRBRP (Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project), have all been more than enough to indicate that the fast reactor concept has been proven. Safe - SEFOR and EBR-II proved beyond a doubt Dr. Paul Greebler’s fast reactor safety predictions, and the world then included these Coefficients in all their fast reactor designs. The safety Coefficient turns around the fast reactor’s large power surge without any external safety functions or any damage to the reactor. Too bad Chernobyl wasn’t a fast reactor. If it was it would not have destroyed itself. Environmentally Friendly-The fast reactor does not contribute to CO2 contamination in the atmosphere and minimizes the nuclear storage products produced by existing reactors. Anti-proliferation-The IFR (Integral Fast Reactor) program could prove its nonproliferation characteristics. 700 years of total US electrical energy fuel is already mined and milled - This fuel, depleted Uranium Hexafluoride, a relatively non-radioactive waste product of the WW-II enrichment process, is the greatest quanity of fast reactor fuel available in any country of the world. See the attached chart showing United States Energy Resources. Let's see: Proven; Safe; Environmentally Friendly; Anti-proliferable; and 700 years of fuel already mined and milled. The fast reactor's economical characteristics compare with existing light water reactors, especially when you take into account the 700 year fuel supply that already exists. What more could we ask for? To make the fast reactor meaningful in the future, we need to redevelop fast reactor technical and manufacturing manpower and evolve associated fast reactor programs. Do you want meaningful amounts of and meaningful costs for energy in the future? The only rational course at this point in time is following through with the fast reactor. No other solution appears on the horizon. Either we initiate the fast reactor course or we all go down the drain. Just observe what is going on and check the facts before you act.


Knoxville News Sentinel, thanks for your recent articles concerning the historical significance of the Manhattan Project K-25 buildings to future generations. K-25 has already created available material worth over $70 trillion in electricity value. That material, a by-product of past K-25 operations, is depleted Uranium Hexafloride (DUF6) and is presently stored by DOE. Yes, its worth is over $70 trillion. This by-product can be used as fuel to supply future generations with all the US electrical energy needs for over 700 years. To date I have not seen anything indicating that DOE recognizes the value ($70 trillion) of this by-product to future generations. Yes DOE is planning on disposing of this K-25 ($70 trillion) by-product, without an indication that it will be recoverable, much less that it can be used by future generations in fueling US electrical energy needs for 700 years. The historical value of the K-25 buildings pales in relation to the value of the K-25 available by-product, DUF6, to future generations.